What is the Purpose of Your Existence????

26 Oct

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                  Everyone of us is born unique. We have our own purpose in living this world. There are many times we asked ourselves of how we are going to live our life that’s full of trials and difficulties. But still, living it positively will make your life worthwhile.

                 As I grow up, I learned many things through my experiences and mistakes that at first, it made me so upset and disappointed but then I end up learning. Sometimes, people around you brought you down, talk behind your back and criticize you through your physical judgment. But life is meant to be unfair so you have to balance yourself in every situation you will be involved with.

                 My purpose in life is to be united with the people who have been part of my entire life. I tried to be unique in my own little ways just to see myself that I am born perfect. As I looked into other people’s perfection, I felt insecure. So what I did is I consider myself perfect because I believed that we are perfect in the eye of God. We have to be true to ourselves and be what we really are. Do not look into others beauty but appreciate the one you possessed.


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